Augmented Reality Leaflet

Project: Augmented Reality printed leaflet

Client: Gilead Lifesciences

Category: AR

The Brief

Cayston is an inhaled antibiotic for people with cystic fibrosis with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Patients using this medicine and its inhaler device are required to follow some very specific instructions when preparing to use them. Existing information leaflets were available as printed material and an accompanying DVD could be ordered, but these somewhat old-fashioned media were less that ideal for the main target audience aged 7 to 19 who are much more inclined to engage with digital media and hand-held technologies than leaflets and DVDs.

Our Solution

We redesigned the printed leaflet incorporating an Augmented Reality (AR) marker into the design and included instructions of how the content could be brought to life. By downloading the app onto a phone or tablet people could point their camera at the leaflet and the see the animated video jump out of the page and guide you through the information in a fun, casual manner appropriate to the audience.

At Plastic Unlimited we believe there is still a place in the marketing mix for printed collateral, you just need to make sure it evolves to keep up with consumer habits. Augmented Reality can be a very inexpensive way of injecting some digital sparkle into your print work, creating a more engaging experience and generating the opportunity of pushing your audience through to your online presence from a simple printed piece. Give us a call if you would like a demonstration or just want to pick our brains about AR.