Consumer Product Video

Category: Video Production and 3D Product Modelling

Client: Panasonic

The Brief

Plastic were asked to create a series of short films to be used online and at point of sale, promoting the latest range of Panasonic Lumix digital cameras and the new semi-pro FZ200.

Panansonic wanted a set of global assets that could be simply regionalized without large expense. This meant that each video had to provide a uniform sales message to all markets about the different camera models and their key features.

Our Solution

Utilizing our on-site production suite in London, plastic opted to create three engaging short videos that captured the key features and functionalities of each new model in the Lumix range.

With differing specific sales messages being required for each product, strong visual language (motion graphic style) was used in combination with CGI to convey each individual message. This consistent look and feel glued all three videos together, reinforcing that they were all part of the same Lumix range.

The intro sequences were similar to that of a title sequence to a film: dark, heavily vignetted with the camera as the hero in the center of the screen revealed with a single spotlight. Typography throughout each video was clean and simple, again in the style of the opening credits of a film. This was vital, as the videos were used at point of sale, meaning they only had a short time to deliver specific messages to potential customers.

Motion tracking (the key line attached to a specific part of the camera used to highlight a key feature) added interest to each scene and provided a technical feel to the content, informing the viewer of the tech functionality differences between each model. Continuing the cinematic feel, the outro showcased the camera with the key features scrolling up as per the end credits to a film.


  • The three videos achieved industry leading views across multiple online platforms
  • Outperforming video content produced by rival brands on specific photographic sites by three-to-one
  • Within retail outlets, stores displaying the films at point of sale reported a 37% increase compared with stores not displaying the videos
  • The campaign was also commended by several large electronics retailers as being a “unique photographic sales tool, aiding staff when selling to experienced photographers.”