Exhibition Show-Stopper

Category: Experiential

Client: GlaxoSmithKlein / Amgen

Partner Agency: Pan Advertising

The Brief

“Create a show-stopping experience for our exhibition stand”.

GSK had commissioned an agency to design a stand for the upcoming ECCEO conference on osteoarthritis and osteoporosis in Rome to promote an existing branded medicine. The brand was quite old and well-established and no new sales messaging had been developed for a while, so they asked us to add something spectacular to their existing stand design that would help to generate footfall at the exhibition.

Our Solution

The solution was to create a digital experiential installation with high visual impact and innovative use of technology to create a “selfie moment”, enticing visitors at the conference towards our client’s stand.

Using motion sensing technology (Microsoft Kinect) and some amazing 3D models we created an interactive skeleton puppet that would mirror people’s movements in realtime and allow you to interact with the promotional messages: by making the skeleton take up specific positions and by holding the same position yourself in front of the installation, sales messages were triggered to appear on an adjacent screen, in the style of X-ray slides.

At the simplest level, the brand was all about bones (osteoporosis), so we wanted to make something that gave the impression that the individual was undergoing a live full-body X-ray, something that would certainly catch the imagination of the expert audience, all of whom worked in the field of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

We thought back to our childhoods to try to recall why skeletons were so “cool” to us then, and where we had seen skeletons used in a memorable way. Many of us jumped straight back in time to the film Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger – the scene where he runs behind a futuristic airport security scanner followed by a dozen security officers and we see all their skeletons and weapons as they run through. This inspired us to see if we could use today’s technology to recreate what was then science fiction fantasy.

By combining a Microsoft Kinect motion sensor with some custom 3D models and bespoke programming, we delivered an engaging and innovative experience that generated significant footfall on stand, and best of all, created that all important selfie moment for our client’s visitors.

Oh, and we won a Creative Floor Healthcare Award for Best Digital Tactic 2014!