Virtual Reality for Ted Baker

Category: Virtual Reality (VR)

Client: Ted Baker

The Brief

After eleven years without a facelift, Ted Baker were re-launching their flagship store on Regent Street with a Crown Jewel theme. To complement the launch, Ted asked Plastic to come up with a new digital experience that hadn’t been used in retail before.

Key Project Goals:

  • Position Ted at the bleeding edge of digital technology
  • Drive customer footfall
  • Enhance the in-store experience by offering something people won’t have seen before.

Our Solution

To position Ted at the bleeding edge of digital tech, Plastic created the first ever Virtual Reality (VR) experience for the Google Cardboard headset. Ted customers visiting the Regent Street store were able to take part in a fully immersive VR treasure hunt game, by simply trying on the cardboard headset.

Google Cardboard is essentially a DIY virtual reality headset, made solely of cardboard and embedded with two lenses. When a user places a smartphone in the front of the device, the viewer receives an immersive 3D experience, similar to more expensive VR hardware such as the Oculus Rift.

Shot from a motorcycle using 14 separate cameras, the Plastic team captured 360 degree motion footage across Central London. The footage was then stitched and graded in the post-production stage, before graphical overlays were added to the motion footage within a Unity-based mobile app. By moving their heads, users were able to navigate around the treasure hunt route, collecting jewels from different key locations. Upon completion of the course, each individual was assigned a score, based on the amount of jewels collected.