Hologram Presenters

Category: Experiential

Clients: Various clients including Astellas, GSK and ABPI

The Brief

Create an innovative and memorable way of increasing access to key speakers and hard-to-get-hold-of spokespeople, regardless of physical availability. Whether you need your CEO to communicate more directly to staff and clients, or you want to get the most out of your celebrity brand ambassador, ambitions to increase the exposure of your key speaker to your audience can often be thwarted by the realities of demands being made on their time or restrictions in comms and PR budgets. As a result, personal appearances can often be limited in terms of frequency and also in terms of reach.

Our Solution

We have produced a novel and captivating digital installation to resolve this problem and make your key speaker available whenever and wherever you need them.

By combining 3M’s specialist Vikuiti laminate with a rear-projection system and touch-screen interface we have created an interactive virtual hologram presenter system which allows users to interact directly with your key speaker via a touch-screen Q&A dashboard.

We start by filming your presenter, CEO or famous brand ambassador in our green-screen film studios, capturing the messages you want to communicate to your audience. We then post-produce the film footage with visual effects to simulate a holographic projection, which is then displayed in life-size as if the presenter is right in front of you in the room. We then design and produce a touch-screen interface for the audience to use. By interacting with the touch screen users can ask any of the pre-determined questions. This interaction triggers the appearance of your life-size holographic virtual presenter who proceeds to answer the question directly to the audience.

This tactic has been successfully deployed across a range of public and corporate events, giving audiences a sense of personal and direct communication with your key speaker. Best of all, once your event is finished, everything packs into a flight case and can be re-erected anytime anywhere, so you can greatly extend the reach of your communications regardless of your key speaker’s availability and without incurring additional appearance fees, drastically extending the reach and longevity of your brand’s messages. This tactic has successfully been deployed across a range of public and corporate events, from symposia and company AGMs to shopping centers and exhibitions.

Key Benefits

  • Virtual face-to-face engagement
  • Increases perceived access to key speaker
  • Innovative and memorable experience
  • Greatly increases reach and longevity of public appearances
  • Key speaker is pre-recorded so will always stay on script
  • Control the conversation by selecting the questions you want your audience to ask.

Client Quote

“The holograms were distinctive, engaging and massively creative, giving high impact on first appearance. They were powerful educational tools. Overall a very positive and useful feature of the meeting.”
Senior Brand Manager, Astellas Pharmaceuticals UK.