Projection Mapping


Category: Experiential

Client: Creston plc

Partner agency: TMW Unlimited

The Brief

“Create something impressive to welcome people to an innovation workshop event.”

Celebrated creative marketing agency (and one of our sister agencies), TMW Unlimited, were hosting an innovation expo at our joint corporate headquarters in London’s Soho. Agencies from inside and outside of our group were invited to showcase their latest innovations to a wide audience of industry professionals at this exciting exposition. Naturally something impressive had to be done to welcome visitors to the event, a simple “welcome” sign would definitely not suffice such an innovation-driven audience.

Our Solution

Working closely with colleagues at TMW, our creative technologists devised and produced a breathtaking moment by employing projection-mapping techniques to project seemingly 3D images onto the lobby of our corporate headquarters.

Combining high-powered projectors with some very clever image manipulation techniques our team were able to project 3D animations onto the various surfaces of the lobby, causing parts of the building to seemingly come to life whilst projected animations appeared to be floating in the room.

The projection mapping created an impressive moment of theatre as attendants were welcomed into the venue. A suitably impressive way to welcome such an innovation-centric audience. Normally seen on major monuments or at large-scale public events and product launches, projection mapping is a powerful way in which to “wow” a crowd, but it can take a fair amount of time and budget to produce.

At Plastic Unlimited however, we have found a way to miniaturize the concept and offer it to our clients for a fraction of the budget needed for larger events. We can create a projection mapping experience almost anywhere, at any size, so when you plan your next exhibition or event why not dump the TV screens and let us bring your venue itself to life!